Are plantars warts contagious

Are plantars warts contagious and if so, what should I do about it?are plantars warts contagious

The short answer is yes, plantars warts are contagious. However before you make the  impulsive decision to wear socks for the rest of your life it is important to understand some of the finer details on how this infection is transmitted.

It is important to note first off that everyone’s immune system responds differently to HPVs or Human Papillomavirus Infections such as plantars warts. As a result, one person might easily be able to pick up  the infection while another might be rather resilient to the infection.

How does plantars wart spread?are plantars warts contagious

By far the easiest way to spread plantars wart is through skin to skin transmission. Touching the infected area against the skin of another persons skin will likely cause the infection to spread. However, given that the infection usually is not transmitted  this way since plantars wart usually develops on areas such as the feet, this is an unlikely occurrence. Most people instead contract the disease by walking on surfaces that have already been exposed to the infection. Since plantars wart thrives in dark, moist and warm conditions, it is common for people to contract the disease by walking barefoot around public pools, locker room and saunas. Due to the conditions of these settings, they are prime breeding grounds for viruses.

Also It is important to keep in mind that you are more susceptible to catching the virus when you have a weak immune system or if you have caught the infection before.

How to avoid contracting plantars wartsplaantars warts

1. Avoid walking barefoot in public pools spas and locker rooms. It is best to use sandels or flip flops when walking around these areas. This way there is an extremely small chance you contract the virus.


2. Keep your feet dry. Be sure to wear moisture wicking socks at all times. You can even use baby powder in your socks to prevent moisture from festering. Any amount of dampness surrounding your feet can spur the growth of plantars warts. Wearing close toed shoes that don’t get too much air circulation or exposure can also aid the growth  of the infection.


3. Refrain from using the same towels socks, or shoes, with another person.


4. Avoid contact with others that you know have contracted the virus.

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