Easy Recipes for Skin Exfoliation at Home


Overview Exfoliation is the process through which the dead skin cells are removed from the skin’s surface with the help of an exfoliating tool, granular substance, or chemical.  Naturally, within 30 days or so, human skin sheds dead cells to make space for newer healthy cells. But if this scrapping of cells is not fully … Read more

Tips for Preventing Stretch Marks

Before going deep into the discussion about their prevention, let us first see what stretch marks are. Do you remember any injury that you might have sustained during childhood or later, and then the scar that appeared while the wound was healing? Those scars later caused stretch marks – well, this is one of the … Read more

How Smoking Adversely Affects the Skin

Skin and hair are most prone to various environmental toxic substances. Besides the UV rays of the sun, tobacco smoke is a major contributing agent of skin impairment. Tobacco contains hundreds of noxious substances, which are termed “mutagens” and “carcinogens.”  Beyond its association with heart diseases, lung disorders, and cancer, smoking is also linked to … Read more

Best Remedies for the Treatment of Swollen Joints

Gout in the big toe of left foot,

Joint effusion, commonly known as joint swelling, is characterized by enlargement of the joint due to extra fluid in the affected area. Joint swelling can be linked to a previous injury as well, such as a broken or fractured bone. Moreover, it can be caused by an underlying disease or medical condition such as an … Read more

How Do Pain Relievers Work?

a person holding pills in the palms 

The feeling of pain is subjective and hence cannot have an objective definition. It is a feeling of discomfort that you might experience after falling on the ground, hitting something hard, colliding with an object or a person, muscle pull, etc. There cannot be enough examples to exhaustively cover why pain is experienced. Often, our … Read more

Uses of Numbing Cream for Your Skin

A person massaging the back of a woman

A numbing cream is a type of topical anesthetic that numbs a part of the body you apply it on. From the front skin of the eyelids to the inside of the ear, the numbing cream can be used anywhere; however, caution is mandatory.  Have you ever had a minor surgery or got a tattoo? … Read more

How to Effectively Remove Nail Fungus?

Nail Fungus - Onychomycosis.

People who don’t take care of the minor aspects of their body may end up getting different types of problems such as nail fungus, a condition which badly impacts your nails. Although nail fungus can turn out to be really bad, it is treatable and one can effectively remove it from various home treatments. In … Read more