Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

A shoulder massage

Shoulder pain is a common problem that anyone may experience. The joint of the shoulder is one of the most overworked joints in the body, and when it aches, it can cause discomfort and disruption of normal daily activities. Even the easiest tasks, like putting on a seatbelt, can be difficult if … Read more

How to Treat Sore Feet

Two feet on top of a table

Your feet do a lot of work. When you walk around all the time, stand for long periods, or exercise for extended periods, your feet can become sore. The good thing is, there are several ways to ease the pain associated with sore feet at home. A combination of different treatments would … Read more

DIY Skincare Recipes to Avoid

Brown sugar scrub

During quarantine, people had a lot of time in their hands, and many are baking their own cakes, mixing their own drinks, cutting their own hair, and many other things we have never done before. One of the new things people do nowadays is making their own skincare concoctions. Some are just … Read more

Best Home Remedies for Twisted Ankles

A sprained ankle with brace

A twisted ankle, or sprained ankle, is caused by an injury to one or more ligaments in the ankle. Mild sprains may irritate or overstretch the ligaments, while severe sprains may cause the ligaments to tear completely. Ankle sprains are a common orthopedic injury, particularly among people who play sports, but it … Read more

How to Prevent Scars from Everyday Scrapes

An injured hand being cleaned

No matter how careful we are, accidents inevitably happen. Whether you’re preparing food, gardening, doing sports and leisure activities – life in general can result to injuries. And with injuries, scars form. It’s a natural part of the healing process. The size of the scar will depend on the severity of the … Read more

The Best Home Remedies for Acne

green tea leaves

Acne can be irritating to touch and annoying to look at, and it could often ruin the complexion of your face. Almost all of us are suffering from acne, and while some would apply creams or ointments to treat the problems, most people would not be able to afford these treatments. Luckily, … Read more

Home Remedies to Treat Fire Ant Bites

There are a lot of pesky insects out there, but fire ants are one of those that can turn a fun afternoon into an itchy, burning stream of misery. Fire ants are one of the most aggressive types of ants out there, and an attack from it typically causes instant and intense … Read more

Will Gout Pain Go Away Without Treatment?

will gout medication go away without treatment

One of the most common questions sufferers of gout ask is “Will gout go away without treatment?”. The answer in most cases is no. There are numerous factors responsible for causing gout including… Age Diet and alcohol consumption Genetics Weight Level of fitness Medication use Therefore when people develop gout it is … Read more

Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Back Pain

ayurvedic home remedies for back pain

No one wants to deal with back pain. However, if they do have them, many people would rather take a more natural approach to heal back pain rather than using over the counter or prescription medication to treat it. In turn, many people have found success in using ayurvedic home remedies for … Read more

Home Remedies for Arthritis of the Feet

Arthritis of the feet

Prescription medications for arthritis are not always needed to effectively treat your condition. Here you can find the best home remedies for arthritis of the feet. Stretch Your Feet By stretching your feet, you can significantly increase flexibility and blood flow in your feet which is extremely important for fighting arthritis. Stretching … Read more