French Manicure- 5 Different Colour Combo Ideas

Over the years nail art and nail salons have made a name for itself. Various nail salons are opening every other day. People have started to visit these parlours to get various nail treatments done along with getting a manicure. Previously people used to go for simple nail polish, but nowadays, they opt for nail art. Most of the women have a fascination for collecting various shades of nail polish. A good quality nail polish can have a high cost. Using the Gtech Discount Code will provide you with a great discount on nail polish.

If you want to try nail art at home, then it is best to purchase a manicure set. By using the German manicure sets promo code, customers can obtain excellent deals and discounts. One of the most famous kinds of manicure is a fresh manicure. But now they have an updated version of it.

Colour combination for an updated French manicure

When we talk about French manicure, the first thing that comes to our mind is a clear base with a white stripe on top. There are other versions of French manicure available that people can try if they don’t want to go for the traditional one.

1. Deep tones with nudes

Those who like to put dark colours but at the same time don’t want to have a completely dark nail colour should opt for this option. The nude base, along with the dark strip at the top, will make your nails stand out among the crowd.

2. Complementary base with a glitter tip

For those who like a little bling and glitter, this manicure is the best choice. You can either choose a solid base along with a glitter tip or vice versa, and this manicure will make you feel great and attract attention.

3. Clear base and a coloured tip

Women who like minimalism can try this manicure. Having a clear base with a pop of colour on the top is the best option. You can also add a glossy topcoat to finish.

4. Two-toned nails

If you want to get a tonal manicure, then opting for the French manicure is the best. Pairing complementary colour for your base and tip is a great way to make your nails look gorgeous.

5. Neon tips

Rainbow manicures are a trend for the past few years. People often like to get various colours. For those who want minimalism, colours should choose rainbow French manicure.