Home Remedies for Tendonitis of the Wrist

The wrist is the source of a ton of movement. As a result, the tendons of the wrist are much Home Remedies For Tendonitis Of The Wristmore likely to develop stiffness or irritation that we know as tendonitis. Whether it be from using the keyboard frequently, cutting hair or swiping cards, repetition of motions such as these commonly promotes tendonitis of the wrist. Luckily there are many home remedies for tendonitis of the wrist that you can implement as treatment. Surgery is typically not necessary as long as you consistently practice these treatments.


Rest might be the most obvious home remedy for tendonitis of the wrist. Most of the time tendonitis is caused through overuse of the joint. People typically develop tendonitis through constant repetitive motions. Therefore to mitigate the effects of tendonitis it is important for you to take a break from whatever motion might be causing your joint pain. It doesn’t need to be for forever but just make sure you allow yourself some time to let your joints rest.

Try as much as you can to keep your wrist in a neutral position. Try not to bend your hand if you can help it when using combs or a toothbrush for instance. It can be difficult but keeping a straight wrist in whatever activities you do is important.

Iceice pack for tendonitis

Pain from tendonitis comes from inflammation of tendons. Therefore to reduce the pain that comes with tendonitis it is important that you reduce inflammation at all costs. Icing your wrist is great for tendonitis of the wrist because it reduces pain by numbing the area. More importantly, it reduces inflammation for more long-lasting pain relief.

You can ice your wrist by using an ice-pack with a towel wrapped around it (so that you don’t get ice burn) and apply it to the wrist for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. After each time, give your wrist some time to sit before applying the ice once again.


One of the simplest home remedies for tendonitis of the wrist is elevation. When you keep your wrist above your head you can allow your blood to circulate more efficiently then if it were by your side. In turn, you can speed the inflammation reduction process. You can also try to ice your wrist and raise it above your head at the same time for better effect.


Those who suffer more serious conditions of tendonitis may require a splint to help the healing process. However, you should talk to your physical therapist before attempting to use a splint for specific details on how to wear one, and when to use it. You can purchase one that wraps around your wrist but is sure to get advice from your physical therapist on which one to buy.


It is often beneficial to incorporate a daily routine of stretching to develop flexibility in your aching joints. Regularly stretching can loosen up the tendons in your wrist that are causing you pain. Most of the time, the tendons of the wrist in sufferers of tendonitis can be a bit stiff from the inflammation, so making sure that they are loose can help the problem. Keep in mind that when stretching be sure not jerk your wrist or make quick movements as this can often worsen the condition. Also, consult with a physical therapist before deciding to go ahead with the stretching.

Herbal Remedies

There are various herbal treatments that you can experiment with to treat tendonitis in the wrist. You can start by drinking a mixture of turmeric and ginger tea. Tumeric and ginger have good anti-inflammatory properties that quell your wrist pain. Drinking such a solution also can rid your body of impurities to increase the rate of healing.

You can also rub arnica on the wrist. Arnica is great for inflammation because it increases circulation. It probably won’t work miracles the first time you use it. If you are consistent with it, however, you should experience some pain relief.

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