Topricin vs Penetrex

Sufferers of joint and muscle pain often are at odds when it comes to picking the right pain relief cream for them. One of the most common questions is “Topricin vs Penetrex… which one is better?”

Ultimately determining which one is best for you comes down to personal preference. However, there are some key points to consider when deciding between Topricin and Penetrex.


Users claim Penetrex to be one of the most versatile pain relief creams. People use it to treat conditions from joint pain to sore muscles to inflammation and pretty much everything in-between.

Users also commonly claim that Penetrex has something of “self-sustaining” pain relief. Users claim that after the first few applications of the pain relief balm it isn’t necessary to apply it frequently after. Its almost as if the pain-relieving effects upon the initial first few applications become somewhat permanent or self-sustaining. Keep in mind that this is a phenomenon that has been reported by various users and there is no guarantee that you will have the same experience.


Topricin pain relief therapy cream is another high-quality pain relief cream. It is known for its use of eleven natural bio-medicine ingredients. Each ingredient treats soreness, inflammation and pain relief in one way or another. This allows for a swift healing process as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Topricin is also great because it doesn’t produce any major side effects. The company selects its ingredients with the knowledge that the ingredients are not known to interfere with other medications. In turn, this pain relief cream is a great alternative for those who cannot take OTC oral pain medications due to complications with other medications.


Ultimately, both Penetrex and Topricin are great pain relief creams and choosing to pick one over the other comes down to personal preference. However, we have decided that Penetrex is our recommended pain relief of choice.