Does Biofreeze Work on Tendonitis?

One question that people ask us a lot is, “does Biofreeze work on tendonitis”?

The answer is yes. Numerous users have claimed that Biofreeze has not only helped with the pain of tendonitis but also the inflammation that comes with it. Biofreeze works by essentially blocking pain receptors with its cold relief therapy formula. In turn, it’s very similar to using an icepack on the area of tendonitis. This way Biofreeze reduces inflammation but at the same, you only need to apply the formula once and then can carry on with your regular activities as the gel works its pain-relieving effects.

Biofreeze and athletes?

Weight lifters, in particular, use Biofreeze as their pain relieving gel of choice. There are many people that like to lift weights for exercise but are bogged down by the pains of tendonitis. After all, many personal trainers recommend Biofreeze for athletes and gym-goers. This pain reliever is prime for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.

Biofreeze is great for lifting however, many users still have pains while running. Unfortunately, Biofreeze’s effects are the strongest in the first hour after its application. When running for long periods of time, like in marathons, for instance, you will likely start to feel the pain creeping back up again. However, there really is no product on the market that can provide pain relief for that many hours on end. For running marathons, you may want to use Biofreeze right before your race and then take Advil along the way since its much easier to carry with you.

Regardless, Biofreeze does work great on tendonitis for at least an hour or two. That’s more than enough time to get a good workout in. To check out the full Biofreeze review you can check it out here.