Does ScarAway Work On Acne Scars?

One question readers ask a lot is “does ScarAway work on acne scars?”. The short answer would be no. ScarAway silicone scar strips typically only work for scars from cuts, burns, and scrapes. You typically can’t cure ice pick scars or boxcar scars with ScarAway.

Some users of ScarAway silicone scar strips do in fact report that ScarAway strips do work for acne scars however this is a misunderstood phenomenon. These scar strips create something of a little micro healing environment that shields the skin from external forces that can disrupt the healing process. As a result, this little micro healing environment significantly hydrates the skin which allows it to heal more quickly than usual.

This hydration of the skin allows acne scars to fade a bit but this is only temporary. Various users of ScarAway report that it does work for their acne scars. However, this effect tends to not last for more than a day after you take off the sheet.

What Use Instead?

As a result, it really isn’t recommended that you use ScarAway for acne scars. After all, who wants to walk around with a massive bandage across their face? It is pointless if it won’t work on acne scars.

You might be wondering if ScarAway sheets don’t work for acne scars then what does? There are various other solutions that are much more effective then scar sheets. Many of which you can get over the counter in the form of a cream.

You can try Mederma Advanced Scar Gel to effectively treat acne scars. This scar gel is great because not only does it work great for regular cuts and scrapes but it also effectively heals acne scars.