Essential Oils For Sore Muscles After Working Out

Natural oils are extremely beneficial for relieving muscle pains and fatigue. After a strenuous, workout your shocked muscles will recover on their own without supplements or aid. However, the process of recovery can be discomforting when you have pains due to muscle stress and soreness.

Essential oils have the ability to alleviate stress and tension in your muscle fibers thus allowing them to recover faster. Most importantly, essential oils can be immensely helpful in lessening pain. To learn about the ultimate concoction in my opinion for the soreness you can check out this product review here.

1. Eucalyptus

This natural oil is a fantastic pain reliever after a period of muscle stress. Native to Australia, Eucalyptus has been used for centuries by the Aborigines for its healing medicinal properties. It even has been known to quell muscle spasms.

Eucalyptus can be applied in many ways. It most commonly is found in the form of a cream but it also can be applied topically through an oil solution.

For full body tension relief, you can also soak your body in a bath with Eucalyptus oil soaked into the water.

2. Clary Sageclary sage

Clary sage is a herbal oil that has been known to alleviate muscle cramps and tension. Native to the Mediterranean basin, North Africa and Central Asia, the herb has also been known to relieve anxiety thus making it soothing psychologically and physiologically as well.

You can apply the oil by massaging it into your skin or bathing I a bath with a squirt of the oil mixed in. Keep in mind that bathing with the oil is known to relieve your nerves since you will actively be breathing in the aroma of the oil.

3. Lavenderlavendar

This natural oil has been known for its powerful medicinal properties.  Often times it is used for aches and pains that come from intense exercise, joint discomfort or even arthritis.

With lavender, for immediate results, massage the oil into any part of your body that is experiencing the most pain. The potency of the oil should be able to nip the pain and discomfort at its root.

For curing general aches and pain throughout the body you can mix the oil or Epsom salt in your bath water.

4. Black Pepperblack pepper

Black pepper oddly enough is a powerful spice that can aid with muscle recovery. Not only does it alleviate muscle pain but it also causes a pleasant warming effect as  it aids blood circulation

Black pepper oil does exist and it is the best way to reap the benefits of the substance. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing crushed black pepper from the kitchen on your skin as this will have little to no effect.

5. Peppermintpeppermint

Not only can peppermint alleviate pain but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory as well. If you have bruises or injuries from exercise this is a prime solution. The muscle relaxing effects combined with the cooling sensation of the oil can be a pleasurable experience.

You can add peppermint oil to a carrier oil to give yourself a massage. Be sure to keep the oil in contact with your skin for a few minutes on end to achieve the full effect.

6. Marjoram Essential Oilmarjoram

Known as “wintersweet” this essential oil is known for its relaxing properties. Not only is it a great way to alleviate muscle stress but it also is a natural immune system booster as well.

This oil can also be combined with peppermint and thyme to create something of a rub in order to gain the benefits of these other oils.

7. Rosemaryrosemary

This sweet smelling oil is an excellent way to treat tired or stressed muscles. It is also an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin and remove bad odor from smelly areas of the body such as your feet.

If there is one particular area of your body that  I in pain or is stressed it is recommended that you use a warm cloth soaked in warm water with a few drops of the oil added to it. Press the cloth to your skin and let it sit for 15 minutes or so.

If the pain is more widespread you may take a bath with a few drops of the oil added for full body relief.

8. Ginger Root Oilginger oil

Ginger root oil is known to greatly relieve muscle pain. In addition, it also is extremely powerful for mitigating inflammation and swelling. If you twist or tear a muscle in the gym and are in pain as a result, this root can bring down swelling and at the same time alleviate pain.

It is suggested that you massage the oil into the area of pain or gently place a soaked washcloth with a few drops of the oil onto the agitated area.

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