Green Tea After Surgery?

One of the many questions we get regards if it’s safe to drink green tea after surgery as well as before.

Green tea is regarded as one of the best remedies for boosting nutrients, antioxidants and the immune system. People often use green tea to lower risk of infection, lose weight and aid digestion. However, drinking green tea before and after surgery can have dire consequences.

Green tea, caffeinated or not is a great remedy for improving circulation. This is a great thing if you have say poor circulation of your extremities, however, this is not so good if you are going into surgery or recovering from surgery. When you drink green tea regularly, all the capillaries in your body become dilated which permits greater blood flow. As a result, you have a higher chance of bruising and bleeding from the area of surgery if you drink green tea regularly.

In addition, green tea may interact negatively with the anesthesia used during surgery. Green tea can cause an increase in blood pressure and increase heart rate when mixed with other medications during the surgery. It is best for you to talk to your doctor before the surgery to avoid any complications.

Green tea also can affect your body’s ability to heal from surgery if it is prevalent in your system. The compounds in green tea thin the blood as mentioned before to improve circulation. As a result, green tea can slow blood from clotting, and slow the healing process. This means that you can experience a loss of blood during surgery and during the healing process as well.

In conclusion, green tea after surgery and especially before is not the best idea. you should refrain from drinking green tea at least a week before your surgery and at least two weeks after.


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