Is White Vinegar Anti-fungal?

Is white vinegar anti-fungal or is that just an old wives tale?

One of the most common questions people ask when contemplating what type of treatment they should pursue when it comes to fungal infections is “is white vinegar anti-fungal?”.

After all who wants to buy medication when you might be able to cure your infection with common home remedies?

However the answer to the question “Is white vinegar anti-fungal?” is not entirely straightforward.

The reality…white vinegar

White vinegar does, in fact, have antibacterial properties. White vinegar, like all vinegar, is naturally acidic and as a result, supposedly kills off harmful bacteria that is causing the fungal infection to begin with.

Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar alike have been used since the ancient Greeks for this purpose after all.

However on the other hand according to, there is no evidence that vinegar actually reduces nail fungus. Although it is accepted in the scientific community that white vinegar can limit the growth of the infection, there is not too much support for white vinegar as a legitimate cure.

Wait! There is still hope…anti-fungal

Don’t be discouraged, however. White vinegar might be just the anti-fungal treatment for you. Although there is not too much support for the curing of fungal infection with white vinegar, it still does happen somehow. Hundreds of people have claimed to have cured fungal infections with white vinegar.

However, the best chance you have at curing fungal infections with the substance is if you treat the infection as soon as possible. Once the fungal infection becomes too severe you are much less likely to be able to effectively treat it this way.

So is it still worth a shot? Absolutely, but don’t get your hopes up too high. It is suggested that you get over the counter medication as a more sure-fire way to kill the infection. In the meantime, however, to stop the growth of the infection, white vinegar should work great.