Lidocaine Ointment For Back Pain

Lidocaine ointment is a great treatment for back pain.

There are many treatments over the counter for back pain including patches, creams, and various herbal remedies. However, for people with serious back pain or for people who simply want strong treatment, lidocaine ointment is a great option.

Ultimately, lidocaine ointment blocks pain receptors the gel is applied. As a result, the skin and the tissue underneath once it absorbs the gel it becomes numb to the touch. This is why people that want tattoos often put this ointment on their skin first.

Listed here are the best lidocaine ointments for back pain.

Ebanol Numb 520 5% Lidocaine

Ebanol Numb 520 is one of the best lidocaine ointments for back pain. Possibly the best part about it is that it is fast acting. This lidocaine ointment works around 20  minutes after you apply it. Whether you have chronic back pain, soreness or a burning sensation, this lidocaine ointment is sure to help. Simply rub as much of the ointment on needed to cover the area of discomfort and let the gel do the rest. It can be found on Amazon.

Numb Master Lidocaine Gel

Numb Master is a powerful lidocaine ointment you can buy over the counter. You will start to feel the full effects within about 20 to 25 minutes after application and you should anticipate feeling completely numb for an hour. Its effects should last for a bit longer but you should start to feel some sensitivity coming back after 60 minutes. Once the ointment has taken full effect, you may wipe out any excess residue of the gel so that it doesn’t smear on clothing.

Numb 100 Topical Anesthetic Cream

Numb 100 is also another fantastic lidocaine ointment for back pain that you can buy over the counter. This particular lidocaine ointment prides its self in being one of the longest lasting lidocaine creams you can get. The numbing effects typically last a full hour and a half after application. This ointment also produces few side effects according to users. Lidocaine ointment often can promote redness or irritation but numb 100 rarely results in these effects.

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