Scars on Legs from Scratching – Best Treatments

How To Heal Scars On Legs From Scratching

Scars on your legs from scratching can be unappealing for many especially when it comes to wearing attire that exposes your legs. Whether it be from itching bug bites or dry flaky skin it can be quite easy to scratch your legs to the point where you leave scars. Much of the time we do so on accident since it simply doesn’t hurt to scratch your legs until they scar hours or days later. Regardless, these various remedies will be sure to heal scars on legs from scratching.

Simple Everyday Treatments For Non-severe Cases

Much of the time, scars of the legs from scratching are typically only minor scars of the skin that only affect the top layer of the skin. This top layer is typically only dead skin as well. As a result, scars that only affect the top layer of the skin can easily be treated without too much hassle.

  • Exfoliating skin regularly– Your skin produces a new layer about every 4 weeks. Naturally, scars on legs treatmentwhen a new layer comes in, the old layers of skin with the scars will be replaced with new skin. Scrubbing your legs regularly in the shower with soap and water can help to rejuvenate your skin much more quickly and thus speed up the healing process.
  • Massage legs often– Massaging your legs regularly can significantly help with improving circulation. In turn, this can prevent discoloration that comes with scarring and can break down some of the fibrous tissue responsible for the scarring.

Home Treatments

There are also numerous household items that can be used to treat scars of the legs from scratching. These home remedies are cheap, easy to apply but most importantly, effective.

Creams and Oils
  • Cocoa Butter– Cocoa butter softens and moisturizes the top two layers of the skin. coco As a result, cocoa butter is effective in reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Vitamin E Oil– Vitamin E oil contains powerful antioxidants that aid the growth of new skin and the repairing of scarred areas.
  • Aloe– Aloe is good for just about every health problem. Well, not every health problem, however, aloe has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that allow it to not only sooth but aid in the growth of new skin.
  • Olive Oil– Olive oil is great for scar treatment since it has so much vitamin E and K. The acidity in the oil exfoliates the skin while the oil softens and moisturizes both the top and middle layers of the skin. You can simply massage your legs with the oil for best effects.
  • Lemons– Lemon juice can be useful for getting rid of scars on legs from scratching becausescars on legs from scratching it has the capacity to bleach the skin, thus reducing redness. Its acidity also is great for exfoliating the skin. However, it is often not recommended since it can easily dry your skin out.
  • Cucumber– Cucumber has been known to effectively break down tough scar tissue. To apply it, you can mash it up into a paste and apply directly to the skin.

Over the counter medicationOver the counter medication

Of course, if the scars are serious you may want to consider taking a more sure-fire approach to treating scars on the legs from scratching. There are various scar gels on the market that are quite effective in treating scars so that your skin looks brand new. You can check out the review of our favorite scar gel here.