Skincare Routine Essentials

Anyone seeking to look and feel good is searching for the best skincare routine.  While we want to commit to a thorough and effective regimen, we also need this routine to be manageable within a working day. There are all sorts of challenges, from what products to choose, when to apply them and whether you need to adapt the routine for your skin type.

Most of us are happy with our cleanser and moisturiser. We might also opt to use a favourite toner. But should we be using a more potent cleanser or not? Should our moisturiser be the same in the morning and the evening?

Yet, an effective skincare routine needs to include another step, if your skin is to continue to look good into your old age. You need to introduce treatments to help keep that fresh and glowing skin that will help you feel great.

Here we explore the skincare routine essentials to help address these issues.

Begin with a cleanser

It is obvious to say that a skincare routine should begin with a decent cleanser. As you will use other treatments later in this regimen, you do not want to use too stringent a cleanser. You should select a gentle face wash, ensuring you protect the skin’s natural barrier.

While it is not a necessary part of this routine, some people choose to use a toner and even have a favourite product. There are benefits to using a good toner, including balancing the ph. of your skin. If you want to use a toner, it is good to use one with salicylic acid, which helps to soothe the skin if you struggle with acne.

However, as we are busy people, having too many steps in the routine could make it feel unmanageable. Therefore, you can make the decision to include toner at this point in the skincare process.

Commit to treatments

No matter how old you are, you need to commit to skin treatments. Even at the age of 20, you are exposed to the sun’s effects and pollution in the air. You may be in the blush of youth and feel you can take this youthful skin for granted. However, prevention is always better than cure, and undertaking treatments now will save you concerns later.

First, you should look to use products that contain Vitamin C. Serums with this vitamin are capable of reversing the damaging effects of our environment. However, Vitamin C is notoriously tricky to take into the body. Consequently, you need to see a stable form that will give the molecule time to soak into the skin.

You should add more treatments before you sleep. You should look for products that include the ingredient alpha-hydroxy serums, which will help you rid yourself of the dead skin cells. Using this treatment may make future, more invasive, collagen treatments unnecessary, as it stimulates your natural production of collagen. You will naturally feel more youthful and radiant.

Finally, you might want to consider a retinol-based treatment. Such therapy is useful in the reduction or prevention of wrinkles, as it is a form of Vitamin A.

Time to moisturise

Moisturising is one part of your skin regimen that you cannot leave out. It is an essential step, as it strengthens your skin’s natural barrier. Moisturising your face also helps the skin to battle the elements as you go about your day and makes you look healthier. Often, when you feel good, you are more likely to be more confident in the world.

There two essential tips when moisturising. First, if moisturising in the morning, select a lighter moisturiser as it will dry quickly and make it easier to apply makeup. Second, you must always moisturise at night, as a heavier moisturiser will seal in the active ingredients and moisturise through the night.


You should always apply sun lotion if you want all this hard work to pay off. There is nothing more damaging to the skin than constant exposure to UV. So, dabbing on some cream in the morning can make all this effort worth your while.