Strongest Lidocaine Cream OTC

This post outlines the strongest lidocaine creams OTC today.

Lidocaine is an anesthetic that causes temporary loss of feeling in the skin. This anesthetic is often used to stop irritation and pain from injuries and conditions of the skin such as burns, cuts, scrapes, and eczema.

Many surgical procedures often involve lidocaine but it is most commonly known to be used on the skin before getting tattoos, piercings, and waxing. Even if you use low concentrations of lidocaine, the substance will still slightly render the skin unresponsive to the feeling of pain.

Writers who do a lot of online medical writing jobs helped us collecting the list below.  However for those that are nervous about their procedure and want to be sure they have the strongest lidocaine cream OTC, here you can find the most powerful lidocaine cream money can buy.

LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream

LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic cream does not contain the highest concentration of lidocaine however this product is of great quality. Keep in mind however that the absolute most powerful lidocaine product is not always necessary when it comes to some treatments. For instance, this cream is great for minor cuts, abrasions, sunburns, and insects bits. You don’t necessarily need to block all of your pain sensitivity for these irritations. However, LMX4 topical anesthetic certainly is still powerful enough to use for tattoos and piercings. Since it is of the best quality, it is highly recommended. For rectal or vaginal irritation you can also check out LMX5.

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Topicaine 5

Topicaine 5 is another strong lidocaine cream you can buy over the counter. Labeled as an anal recto gel, it is advertised a bit different from the other creams. However, due to the versatility of the cream, you can use it for a number of other purposes from bedsores to pre-tattoos treatment. If you are using it before a tattoo, for best effect it is important to leave it on for about an hour. Once it has been an hour you should then wipe it off completely before getting the tattoo. Also keep in mind that this is a concentrated formula, and a little bit goes a long way. Even though the size of the container isn’t huge, you can get a lot of use from it.

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Numb Master

Numb Master is by far one of the strongest lidocaine creams over the counter. Formulated specifically for body waxing, piercings, and tattoos this lidocaine cream is a powerful skin numbing agent. You will start to feel the best effects of the cream within 20 to 25 minutes upon application and its effects will last about one hour. Typically you will feel numb for longer but you will start to regain your sensitivity to pain after an hour. This powerful lidocaine cream is versatile enough so that you can use it for most procedures that might be painful on the skin. Be sure to wipe out any residue of the gel once it has taken effect.

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Ubernumb is another top quality over the counter cream that has a high lidocaine content. Made in the USA, many trust it to deliver the utmost quality. One of the unique traits of Ubernumb Topical Anesthetic is that it helps to reduce inflammation upon application. If you are suffering from a skin condition that promotes inflammation or if you are getting a tattoo that might cause some inflammation, this gel can prevent this response from occurring. The formula also isn’t oily, sticky or greasy at all since its water based. The texture of the material makes the application much more convenient and mess free.

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Hush- Strongest Lidocaine Cream OTCstrongest lidocaine otc

Hush anesthetic is arguably the strongest lidocaine cream over the counter. It certainly is one of the best quality anesthetics you can buy over the counter as well. Very few tattoo artists trust anesthetic creams quite like this one. Hush is one of the few numbing agents that you can actually use during the tattooing process. Its formula conveniently does not warp the ink at all while the tattoo process is underway. After application, it also will last for up to two hours but some users claim to feel numbness for a little bit longer. The bottom line is that you should anticipate being pain-free for a while after application. The product is a bit on the pricey side as far as anesthetics go its usually best to buy quality items when undergoing a procedure.

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