Will Gout Pain Go Away Without Treatment?

One of the most common questions sufferers of gout ask is “Will gout go away without treatment?”.

The answer in most cases is no. There are numerous factors responsible for causing gout including…

  • Age
  • Diet and alcohol consumption
  • Genetics
  • Weight
  • Level of fitness
  • Medication use

Therefore when people develop gout it is usually because one or more of these factors is responsible. In turn, you cant expect gout to go away typically until you start taking medication or making lifestyle changes to get rid of gout. Listed below you can learn about some of the effective lifestyle changes you can make to get rid of gout.

Exercise to reduce body weight

About half of the suffers from gout are overweight which shows how significant the factor of obesity is in causing gout. To exercise with gout start simply by doing light cardio every day for at least 30 minutes. You may walk, jog, or do aerobics to get your blood flowing. Keep in mind that good blood circulation which can be promoted by exercise also helps to treat gout.

If the gout is on your big toe, or your knees however, this can make land exercise difficult. In turn one of the best ways to exercise without putting pressure on your joints is by doing water aerobics.

Dietwill gout go away without treatment

Making sure you eat the right foods is critical in naturally treating gout. Listed below, you can read about the foods you should eat.

  • It is extremely more important that you drink plenty of water. Everyone is different in terms of body weight and fitness level but it is a good rule of thumb to drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Eat complex carbs. Try to shoot for whole grain bread, and fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat lean meats. You can chow down on chicken or fish but try to avoid fatty red meats

Foods you shouldn’t eat

  • Avoid alcohol like the plague. The metabolism in your body that results from drinking alcohol is strongly linked to gout development
  • Avoid fatty foods. Deep fried foods and fatty meat often promote gout.
  • Sugars and simple carbs have been associated with gout attacks and should be avoided to relieve the condition.


In addition to making various lifestyle changes, of course, gout medication is also an effective way to treat gout. Here you can find the best over the counter medication for gout.