Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Back Pain

No one wants to deal with back pain. However, if they do have them, many people would rather take a more natural approach to heal back pain rather than using over the counter or prescription medication to treat it.

In turn, many people have found success in using ayurvedic home remedies for back pain to be extremely helpful. Alternative treatments like this are often times a bit more difficult to master but are claimed to have extremely effective healing effects.

Here you can find the top Ayurvedic approaches for back pain that you can use today.


1. Eat warm foods

Consuming cold drinks and foods causes tension and congestion in the body. This can cause an imbalance in the body that can only worsen back pain that you might be experiencing. Eating warm foods and drink relaxes the body and relieves tension from your body. In turn, this effect can relieve the back muscles and reduce pain.

2. Pranayama breathing

The breathing exercise known as pranayama is known to bring balance to the body. As a result, it is powerful in lowering back pain. You can start off by taking in long inhales from the nose and then breathing out again through the nose. Remain conscious and focused on your breath throughout the process at all times.

3. Drink herbal teaayurvedic

One of the best remedies for detoxifying your body is herbal tea. Ajwain seed tea is an age-old tea that is extremely powerful for killing pain and relieving tension from the body. Not only that but it is an extremely fast acting solution as well.

4. Eat less spicy food

Eating spicy food regularly can dehydrate the body. This can lead to unnecessary tension on the body, indigestion and even constipation. As a result, spicy foods can often be a source of back pain. Eating less spicy food can have a great effect in reducing lower back pain.