How does Aspercreme work?

Aspercreme is a salicylate cream used for muscle soreness, tension, arthritis, and strains. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation which in turn provides pain relief.

When you apply the cream you must rub the cream into the area of soreness, tension or pain. You can massage the cream into the area or if the area is too sensitive, simply let it sink in.

Ultimately the cream works by absorbing into the skin. 10 to 20 minutes after the cream is applied it will sink into the skin and its healing properties will begin to take effect. The cream seeps into the deep tissues of the muscle in order to provide deeper relief from joint and muscle pain. In turn, the pain relief is long-lasting.

Aspercreme’s active ingredient, trolamine salicylate is a common ingredient used in medications that treat arthritis, tendonitis, and other strains and pains. Ultimately, this compound is responsible for treating deeper pains by infusing into the deep muscle fibers and tissues. Numerous studies show that it has an extremely high success rate particularly with joint pain and conditions similar.

With lidocaine?

Aspercreme with lidocaine essentially has more powerful effects. Lidocaine, in short, is a numbing agent. It doesn’t relieve pain in the same way as trolamine salicylate, however.

Trolamine salicylate relieves pain from joints and muscles, however, it does not completely numb the skin the same way as lidocaine does. You still will retain sensitivity on the skin and in the muscle beneath it. However, once lidocaine is applied you essentially won’t feel anything in the area you applied it to at all- not even a hot stove.

In turn, it’s up to you to decide what you want to use or whether you would rather use Aspercreme with or without lidocaine. It all depends on how severe your pain really is.